China To Sanction Major US Defence Manufacturers After Deal With Taiwan

China To Sanction Major US Defence Manufacturers After Deal With Taiwan
Image Credit: Tsai Ing-wen Twitter

China has decided to retaliate against major US defence companies after their multibillion deals with Taiwan, the announcement came from foreign ministry.

US major Boeing Defense, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Space & Security were the names for the sanctions, along with some US individuals who played some important role. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian informed about the decision but he did not provide any further details related to the sanction.

China responded after the confirmation of a 9th US arms sale to Taiwan, which is a self-governing country and Beijing considers Taiwan a Chinese province based on their one-China policy and never denied retaking control using force.

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The foreign ministry of Taiwan confirmed a $2.37 billion deal of Boeing’s Harpoon Coastal Defense System based on the US’s 1979 Taiwan Relations Act. The Act defines relations between the US and Taiwan and also mandates the provision of defense equipment and services to Taiwan. Taiwan had made a deal of 66 F-16 fighter jets in august and last week they sealed a deal of $1.8 billion for weapons like rockets, missiles, artillery, and aerial reconnaissance sensors.

US Lockheed Martin mentioned that its China presence was limited and all of their international sales were under strict regulated by the government of US.

Boeing remained committed to their partnership with the Chinese aviation community, a spokesperson of Boeing said.

Zhao said, US must stop selling weapons or having any military ties with Taiwan.

More than four decades ago, China and the US had signed three US-china communique and agreed to cut their diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The US never recognize formally the Chinese claim over Taiwan and currently committed to arms sales to the island nation without consultation of China.

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