‘McCartney III’, Paul McCartney Confirms His New Solo Album Coming In 2020

Paul McCartney
Image Credit: Paul McCartney Instagram

Paul McCartney has confirmed his solo album ‘McCartney III’, which is coming in 2020, it’s been 50 years since his maiden solo album released.

Paul said that he had not planned about that but because of the current Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in the UK, he was able to work on the unfinished songs and created a new one and the result is ‘McCartney III’, an all-new album and it’s going to hit the stores on December 11, 2020.

Paul McCartney, who is currently living in his farmhouse with his family, said that he would go to his studio every day in the lockdown. He also said that he had some work on a film music but once the work was done and he was free he thought what he is going to do next.

On the release, he said, that he has some stuff to work on the years but sometimes time would have run out and the work would have left unfinished, so he started thinking about what he had. Every day he started recording his instruments and also wrote the song and gradually put all those together, it was a lot of fun, he said. He said the experience to make music for yourself rather than creating music which has to do some job. He further added and said, he just did the work he fancied doing and had no idea that it will end up as an album.

A number co-produced by George Martin, “When Winter Comes” was unfinished since 1990, which also described as “grand finale” in the album.

McCartney also said that the photos used in the album were taken by his daughter Mary McCartney and Sonny McCartney, his nephew and there are a few images he took by himself on his mobile phone. His wife Linda, who died because of breast cancer in 1998, gave photo for “McCartney” and “McCartney II.”

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