Protest in Central London Against The New Rule Of Lockdown And Social Distancing To Fight Against Coronavirus

Protest in Central London

Hundreds of people gathered at London’s Trafalgar Square to protest against the lockdowns and social distancing guidelines imposed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Individuals participate in a ‘We Do Not Consent’ rally at the Trafalgar Square, organised by Stop New Normal, to protest against COVID-19 restrictions in the city of London. The demonstration comes as Parliament prepares to evaluate COVID-19 laws and the UK government imposes new restrictions to manage the illness. Some lawmakers have already criticised the government for implementing the laws without any parliamentary approval.

The local Police have warned protesters to observe social-distancing guidelines. Because the protest started, police have been seen across the edges of the crowd however did not confront any protesters, most of whom weren’t wearing masks. Any audio speakers are not allowed in the rally as they have been conspiracy theorists, arguing they have been standing up for their human rights and freedom of expression.

The UK government earlier this week has ordered a curfew after 10 pm in bars and eating places across the nation, along with harder face masks necessities and elevated fines for non-compliance. It has additionally banned most social gatherings of more than six folks, however, there’s an exemption for protests so long as organisers submit a threat evaluation and adjust to social distancing.

Along with the nationwide COVID-19 guidelines, a number of jurisdictions have imposed tighter restrictions to manage native spikes in the illness. The demonstration comes a week after an identical occasion during which thousands of individuals crowded into the iconic Trafalgar square. Police say a number of officers have been damage throughout that occasion when a ‘small minority’ of protesters turned violent. 

London, home to nearly 9 million local people, was added to the British authorities’ COVID-19 watch-list as an ‘area of concern. This means that the English capital may face new restrictions as well if infections continue to rise within the metropolis.

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